Hitting Roadblocks with District Testing? Here’s What to Do!

Navigating school district decisions can sometimes feel like uncharted territory. If you’ve taken the proactive step of emailing your district for a test and face hesitation or refusal, it’s crucial to be armed with information and confidence. First and foremost, remember it’s mandated by law (IDEA) for districts to administer the testing. They’re not obliged to offer services, though a handful might. Facing resistance? Understand your parental rights [here](http://education.ohio.gov/getattachment/Topics/Special-Education/A-Guide-to-Parent-Rights-in-Special-Education/ODE_ParentRights_040617.pdf.aspx).

For those facing particularly tough districts, we’ve got your back! Dive into our “ETR Refusal Reply Letter” template, crafted specifically to address reluctant districts, available in the OHIO Homeschooling & the Jon Peterson Scholarship Facebook group.

Still finding doors closed? Don’t fret; tap into [this resource](http://education.ohio.gov/Topics/District-and-School-Continuous-Improvement/State-Support-Teams) for complimentary assistance when your district declines testing. You’re not alone on this journey, and together, we’ll ensure your child’s needs are met!