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Our mission is to support student growth academically, socially and behaviorally through individualized tutoring services.

Personalized Tutoring

We provide tutoring across all subject areas and skill levels, personalized to each child’s needs and available where ever they are, in-person, online or in groups.

Intervention Services

As a provider of the Autism Scholarship and Jon Peterson Special Needs Scholarship, we provide evidence based interventions tailored to your child’s needs.

Homeschooling Consultation

Navigate the homeschooling journey with confidence, as M&M Learning Solutions guides you every step of the way, building a foundation for a brighter future

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M&M Learning Solutions is on a mission to provide high-quality, personalized tutoring and support to every student. To do that we need great people with a passion for learning. Join our community of tutors, occupational therapists, general education teachers and intervention specialists and start helping students today!



What did the guardians say to us?

We are so happy we were referred to M&M learning solutions. Our son has had exponential growth in the area of reading in a very short period of time. Matthew was great in helping us through the process of applying for the John Peterson scholarships. He responds quickly to all correspondences. We were connected to an amazing tutor who was reliable, patient, and truly gifted in working with students. We are excited to see our sons continued growth in the coming months.


I love this program. Best choice I’ve made for my son. My son is growing so strong now that he is home school and in this program.


This has been a God send for my son. My son has a tbi and dmdd public and private schools can’t seem to handle him. After his last Expulsion I new I had to home school him Wether I wanted to or not.

We found a tutor with the help of Matt and his company my son looks forward to her coming. Sinces he been home 90% of the time we have had maybe one out burst bit nothing I can’t handle. He’s finished by 12 at the latest he’s generally happy and and loving he adores his tutor. And I love having the support of not being the sole person teaching him so if he doesn’t get something he will say I’ll do that page when she’s here. It’s so amazing. Looking forward to more growth with my son.


I acquired a JPSN scholarship through M&M Learning Solutions. I preferred them because their work ethic, professionalism, and dedication to their work persuaded me to get their services. People looking for a provider to apply for scholarships must consider M&M Learning Solutions.

John Anderson

I struggled to bear my daughter’s education expenses as a single mom. One of my close friends referred me to M&M Learning Solutions for an autism scholarship. I reached out to the company. Since my daughter met their eligibility criteria, she was offered a 100% scholarship. I was stunned by their remarkable and quick service. Now I don’t have to stress over her educational expenses. I recommend M&M Learning Solutions to everyone who is seeking academic assistance.

Sara Taylor

We were looking for a professional home tutoring service and came across M&M Learning Solutions. We were astonished by their professionalism. The company’s teachers are highly qualified and have years of experience in home tutoring. Without delay, I enrolled my child in the session, and now he gets tutoring from the experts of M&M Learning Solutions. I’m 100% satisfied with their services.

Andrew Peter