Personalized Tutoring

M&M Learning Solutions provides tutoring in all core content areas. This can include intervention to bridge gaps in areas of weaknesses or enrichment to help students reach their highest potential.

In-Person Tutoring

In-person tutoring is conducted face-to-face, usually in a public place such as a library or coffee shop, or in the student’s home. This option is ideal for students who prefer a more personal touch and who may need additional support in specific subjects or areas.

Online Tutoring

Online tutoring is conducted through a virtual classroom platform that allows students to connect with their tutor in real-time using video conferencing, instant messaging, and other digital tools. This option is convenient for students who prefer to study from the comfort of their own home or who live in remote areas.

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Group Tutoring

Group tutoring is conducted in small groups, usually with a maximum of 4-6 students. This option allows students to collaborate with their peers, ask questions, and receive feedback from their tutor. It can be a more affordable option for families who are looking for tutoring services.

Homework Help

Bid adieu to homework blues! With Building a Better Tomorrow, our dedicated mentors offer timely assistance, making homework a breeze with M&M Learning Solutions.

Test Preparation

Ace that test! M&M Learning Solutions offers premier test prep, ensuring students approach exams with confidence and skill, all while building a better tomorrow.

ACE Qualified Provider

M&M Learning Solutions is a qualified provider for The Ohio Afterschool Child Enrichment (ACE) Educational Savings Account. The program provides qualifying families with a $1,000 credit per child, which can be used to pay for tutoring and academic support services.

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