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Homeschooling Consultation

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Ohio Homeschooling Overview
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We provide homeschooling families with valuable insights into their child’s academic progress and can help ensure that their education is meeting state standards.

Ohio’s New Homeschool Horizon: Simpler, Streamlined, Stress-Free

On July 4th, Governor Mike DeWine ushered in a new era for Ohio homeschooling, signing House Bill 33 and simplifying a previously complex system. This revamp eradicates past pain points between parents and schools.

*Important: For 2023-2024 homeschooling, file your notice of intent (NOI) as usual. Effective October 3, 2023.

A Glimpse at Ohio’s Refreshed Homeschool Landscape:

1. Goodbye, Excuses. Hello, Exemptions!

Previously, homeschooling was an “excuse”. Now, with a concise NOI, you can exempt your child from compulsory school attendance. Remember, what you get back isn’t an “excuse letter” but a confirmation receipt.

2. Uniform Paperwork Deadlines

Earlier, NOI submission had varied timings. Now, it’s uniform: August 30 across all districts (or within 5 days if starting mid-year).

3. Brevity is Beauty

Less is more with the new NOI: Just parent details, child details, and a curriculum assurance. And you’re set!

4. Assessments, Be Gone!

No more yearly assessments. The new law prioritizes trust over tests.

5. Core Curriculum Compact

From a long list of subjects, the focus is now on English language arts, mathematics, science, history, government, and social studies.

6. Flexibility in Teaching

The era of stringent teacher qualifications and mandatory teaching hours is over. Freedom reigns!

Remember, as always, to keep all communication with your school district documented.

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